Want to learn more about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse?

There are a number of programs and events in the St. Louis regional area that offer opportunities to learn more about the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  As we get closer to the big day, we expect a number of festivals and celebrations to be announced for the weekend of the eclipse.  We will post what we know about St. Louis area eclipse events to our master calendar.  We want to make it easy for you to keep updated on area happenings. 

If you are planning an eclipse related event or know of a related event that we should add to our master calendar, please let us know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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October 9, 2015 Workshop

1.  Workshops and Presentations

Businesses and associations in your area may include workshops and presentations related to the eclipse.  For example, a number of eclipse related presentations have been given to Rotary Clubs in the area.   Ask your local business or association about events related to the eclipse. 

The St. Louis Eclipse Task Force intends to offer a number of workshops and presentations related to the eclipse.   The first Task Force workshop was held October 9, 2015 at the Saint Louis Science Center.  The workshop entitled "Planning for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse" was sold out weeks in advance. Over 60 attendees from state, city, county, nonprofit and business organizations participated with very positive feedback. 

  • To learn more about the workshop attendees and post workshop feedback, click here.
  • To see the full October 9, 2015 workshop agenda, click here.

More workshops and presentations are planned, so stay tuned.  If you are not on our email list, make sure to sign up.

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How do I request a presentation to my group?

If you are interested in a presentation to your group, you can Request an Eclipse Awareness Program.

2. Planetarium Shows

The Saint Louis Science Center now includes a discussion about the 2017 Eclipse in their monthly Planetarium shows held at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium.  Starting in 2016, a special show dedicated to the 2017 eclipse will be offered.  To learn more events at the Saint Louis Science Center, click here.  


3.  Amateur Astronomer Outreach Programs

Programs in area libraries - Many local libraries participate in the St. Louis area library telescope program,  This program gives library patrons the ability to checkout an Orion StarBlast 4.5" reflector telescope from the library just like a book.  Libraries hold "star parties" where library patrons learn how to use the library telescope.  A portion of the program includes a discussion about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

  • To learn more about the library telescope program, click here
  • To view a list of upcoming library telescope events, click here

The St. Louis Astronomical Society holds a variety of outreach events in the St. Louis area for cities, parks, schools, churches and scout groups.  Many of these events include a discussion on the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  To see a list of upcoming St. Louis Astronomical Society outreach events, click here

Friday Nights at Broemmelseik Park, St. Charles County - The Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri (based in St. Charles, MO) holds public astronomy viewing sessions at Broemmelsiek Park in St. Charles County on every Friday night when the skies are clear (yes, even during the winter).  Amateur astronomers are available to answer questions about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  To learn more about these events, click here.


4. School Events

Several area educational institutions are planning events for the eclipse.  Check your local school or university for more information. 


5. Festivals

Many counties and municipalities are planning eclipse related festivals. For now, they are more awareness and educational based programs.  As celebrations and festivals details become available, we will add them to our calendar.  Here are some examples of educational based programs in the St. Louis area.


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