The August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse will be viewed by millions of people.  Selecting a destination to enjoy this historic event can be challenge.   If you want to have an enjoyable weekend before the event with comfortable lodging and want easy access to maximum nor near maximum totality on the day of the eclipse, we think the Greater St. Louis area is a good choice to consider. 

Here are five reasons we think the Greater St. Louis area might be considered the best choice for the viewing the 2017 eclipse:

  1. Minutes to maximum totality –  St. Louis is an hour or less drive away from a number of choices offering maximum or near maximum totality.  Searchable the database provided below that show totality locations within an easy driving distance from St. Louis.
  2. Centrally located – St. Louis is an easy drive for visitors from Chicago,  Indianapolis and other Midwest destinations making the experience both  enjoyable and affordable. View a Map of St. Louis showing the number of driving choices to take you to areas of "totality".

  3. More accommodations, more fun - St. Louis is the largest city in the path of the eclipse offering more lodging and more things to do on the weekend before the eclipse.   Visit to learn more about things to do in St. Louis.

  4. Historic event - St. Louis has not had a total solar eclipse since the year 1442 making this a truly historic (and long overdue) event for St. Louis.  Local enthusiasm will be hard to match in other destinations along the path.

  5. Worried about the weather?  St. Louis offers man road choices no matter what direction you plan to drive on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to find the best weather for the eclipse. 

Click here for durations by city in Missouri.